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June 2018 - Darla Huffman, MS, LPC-MH, QMHP, Broadens Reach of Midwest Wellness Institute - Therapist with 15 Years of Experience Now Offering Mental Health Services in Flandreau, SD

Midwest Wellness Institute, PLLC, and Dr. Clay Pavlis, Psychiatric Medical Director, are pleased to welcome Darla Huffman, MS, Licensed Professional Counselor – Mental Health, QMHP, to the team. Meeting with clients from Midwest’s office in Flandreau, SD, she brings 15 years of counseling experience, working with couples, individuals, adolescent/teens and families to an underserved region. Huffman is now scheduling new patients on Wednesday mornings and is excited about the opportunity to offer mental health services in a community like Flandreau.

“I put a high value on developing relationships that are built on trust, authenticity, and empowerment in my therapy sessions. A person’s character, spirit, and personal strength are really my focus when we are working together to deal with issues like grief and loss, depression, anxiety, relationship and family problems, unresolved struggles, abuse, and life adjustments,” explains Huffman. “The community of Flandreau, while only 40 minutes from Sioux Falls, is
distinctly different, and I feel honored to be able to help people in and around Flandreau develop strategies to find their paths through the issues they are facing. For many people, making the drive down to the city is a barrier to getting the help that they need, so it’s important to be able to bring quality care to them.”

Huffman’s desire to bring quality care to those in need doesn’t stop at the teens, adults, and couples that she has connected to over the past 15 years since getting her Master’s in Counseling and Human Resource Development from South Dakota State University in 2003. She will also bring mental health services to patients in Dells Nursing and Rehab Center in Dell Rapids, SD, as well as other nursing homes in the area with the support of Dr. Pavlis at Midwest Wellness Institute. “Mental health care at skilled nursing facilities is an area that many people don’t think much about unless you have a loved one needing care. With the numerous smaller facilities in our area that are located many miles from mental health providers, I have wanted to be able to bring care directly to those who struggle with traveling distances the most. By adding licensed providers like Darla to the team, I am able to make a much wider impact and bring care to people that need our help the most,” says Dr. Pavlis. “I am really proud of my team and their hearts for taking care of people.”

To schedule a counseling session with Darla Huffman, MS, LPC-MH, QMHP, call 605-573-2000.