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July 2022 - South Dakota's Youth Services Grievance Monitor Program Launch, Abby Parlett announced as Program Coordinator

grievance monitor in an unbiased and professional manner.

The monitor’s primary responsibility is to receive and attempt to resolve complaints related to the quality of care provided to youth placed in the custody or care of any of the following:
• An intensive residential treatment center
• A residential treatment center
• A group care center
• An independent living preparation program
• A shelter care facility

A grievance is an official statement of complaint. A grievance can be made when there is a real or perceived wrong, or other cause for complaint or protest. This program aims to promote and assist in ensuring the quality of care that children placed in youth care facilities are receiving is of the highest quality. A grievance can be filed by youth who are placed in the custody or care of a licensed youth care facility. Additionally, parents, guardians, family members, or staff may also submit a grievance.

To submit a grievance, the following options are provided:
● Online at www.mwihealth.org/youth-services-grievance
● Drop off your concern at our secure lockbox at the facility
● Call MWI Health at (605) 573-2000 and ask to file a grievance

● Request a printed copy of the grievance form and a pre-addressed and stamped envelope will be sent directly to you
● Download, print, and mail the grievance using the link above. You may mail the grievance to MWI Health, 4308 S. Arway Dr., Sioux Falls, SD 57106.
MWI Health was formed in 2012 by Clay Pavlis, M.D. focused on providing top quality mental health services in underserved areas around Minnesota and South Dakota. Based in Sioux Falls, SD, Dr. Pavlis and his team have developed a business focused on strong contract partnerships with mental health centers, inpatient and outpatient clinics, nursing homes, correctional facilities including prisons and jails, and other entities. MWI Health has become an organization that provides exceptional healthcare and social services while being recognized regionally for its strong reputation of quality and expertise.

MWI Health’s Program Coordinator, Abby Parlett, has been a registered nurse in South Dakota since 1993. As a former Director of Nursing, she brings decades of experience in mental health care, developmental disability services and supports, skilled rehabilitation, and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation from her years of service in skilled and residential care facilities. Her depth of experience and kindhearted demeanor have made her the perfect fit to coordinate South Dakota’s Youth Services Grievance Monitor Program.

Questions can be directed to the Grievance Monitor Program Coordinator by calling (605) 573- 2000 between the hours of 8am-5pm CST M-F or by emailing MWI’s office at office@mwihealth.org.